Recently, some people have elevated Donald Trump to the position of savior, as though he had been personally anointed by God to deliver all who are fearful, feeling insecure, or feeling unheard.  This bothers me.  They argue that God uses “sinners” and “the worst among us” to bring about good things.  They cite the deliverance of Paul–from persecutor Saul to apostle Paul–suggesting that Trump is similarly being delivered.  However, the argument does not follow…Paul repented of his sins and humbled himself to be used by God.  Trump has said he needs no forgiveness for anything, therefore he has neither humbled  himself nor accepted his sinful nature like the rest of humanity.  God uses us when we repent and pledge to do His will, not our own.

How do we discern who is anointed by God?  The Bible gives us a list of Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.  It follows that a “savior” would possess and display these as an outward sign: joy, peace, humility, kindness, love, patience, gentleness, generosity, charity, forgiveness, faithfulness, prayerfulness, long-suffering, self-control, understanding, acceptance, compassion, tolerance, modesty, perseverance, trust, counsel, honesty, hopefulness, piety, fortitude, and wisdom.

We must ask ourselves why we need to elevate a “mere mortal” to the level of savior unless we too have had our faith shaken by fear, prejudice, and hate. We need to recognize the humanity of each individual; recognize our own failings, fears, and prejudices; recognize our own need for forgiveness.

Neither Trump, Clinton, Johnson etc…can “save” us, and it is blasphemous to suggest that they are anointed by God to do so. Unwavering faith can banish our fears. Recognizing that “this too will pass” can re-kindle the hope in our hearts and souls, and humbling ourselves before the Will of God can bring us peace.


About doctoraquarius

As long as I can remember I have written - poems, observations, stories. Then graduate school, marriage, raising a family, and work occupied my life 100% of the time, and my writing for pleasure took a back seat. I'm back. Retirement from my professional life as a school psychologist, grown children, and an empty nest have freed me to follow my passion. My wonderful husband of nearly 40 years encourages me and my God sustains me.
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