20190412_233955701_iOSWriters are always reminded to “Show, don’t tell”. That advice is wisdom for life too.  It is easy to verbally express our beliefs, our opinions, our thoughts, but much more challenging to act upon those with conviction.

We can and do express outrage at injustice, however, we keep our wallets tightly closed when called upon to “put our money where our mouth is”.  We need to take action–for Love is an action verb, and we are called to Love One Another. (1 John 3:18; 1 Corinthians 11:1; Romans 12:19).

We are not called to be God in the world – to judge and destroy.  Rather, we are called to be Jesus…to love, forgive, show mercy and demonstrate kindness. (Ephesians 2:10; 1 Corinthians 11:1; Romans 12:19).

Do not tell me what you do or believe – that is not impressive.  Rather, show me who you are by what you do. (Luke 6:27-36; Matthew 7:15-23).

When we love one another we receive blessings in abundance. Giving/serving others is indeed better than judging, condemning and criticizing…better for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Peace to all.

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I initially posted this in 2018 – Sadly it is still relevant so I will re-post.  Additionally, in light of recent displays of intolerance, I am posting the themes of Catholic Social Teaching as an educational tool. Racism, rude behavior, discrimination and hate are NOT Catholic.  Here’s to a more kind and loving 2019!

TRANSFORM:  To change in condition, nature, or character; to change into another form of energy.

Call it cliche, sappy, idealistic, pie-in-the-sky thinking…whatever you want…but people, and whole societies can change, can transform themselves into a higher nature, one that produces positive growth and nurtures the soul.

Desire, willingness, and the courage to dream for something better stirs us to action.  Peaceful action generates contagious, life-affirming energy that can affect peoples’ lives in truly remarkable ways!  Time and again we’ve been shown that one person can make a lasting impression – for good or evil. It isn’t a matter of IF we can impact the world, but more a matter of HOW and WHEN.

It is a matter of deciding to let go of destructive ideas, impulses, and behaviors, and choosing to be transformed into positive agents for the good of all.  Some people dismiss the notion that what is good for all is important. They are self-serving, self-righteous,  and self-deluded. They fail to realize that we humans are interrelated, interdependent, and interconnected whether or not we want to acknowledge it.

So, we must face the reality that if we want to live free, happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful lives, we must allow all others to live free, happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful lives too. We must choose to be transformed into our better selves. We must find the courage to let go of destructive impulses, and to embrace benevolence.

ACTIONS:  Resolve:  to solve problems with words, not violence; to volunteer to serve others; to try new things and entertain new ideas; to treat our addictions; to make healthy decisions; to become more informed with the truth; to disagree respectfully; to develop our spiritual nature; to commune in nature; to choose courage over fear; to develop our talents, explore our creative sides; to become charitable; to laugh often; to forgive freely; to be merciful and thoughtful; to be more loving to ourselves and others.  Let’s TRANSFORM ourselves and the world in 2019 – it can be done!   Peace, Joy, Love & Hope. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Doctoraquarius.

SEVEN THEMES OF CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING for those who want to know you can read more about them online.








From Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions, 2017 – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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       I am a reader and writer; a ponderer and prayer.  I enjoy thinking about the big questions of life. Lately, I’ve found myself adversely impacted emotionally and psychologically by the horrifying and troubling cancer of hate and violence that seems to be metastasizing. I pray  hard for conversions of heart and mind – of my heart and mind and of others’ too.  I find that when I pray daily for virtues, and for the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, I receive relief and peace.  Here is my prayer:  “I pray Lord that You help me to be more joyful, peaceful, humble, kind, loving, patient, gentle, generous, forgiving, accepting, understanding, faithful, self-controlled, charitable, prayerful, long-suffering, compassionate, tolerant, persevering, strong, courageous, grateful, trusting, truthful/honest, hopeful, wise, knowledgeable, reverent, awe-struck, prudent and merciful. My prayer and hope is that you may too receive peace of heart and mind. Together we can eradicate the “cancer of hate” and transform our world.  I believe.  Peace, Joy & Love.

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This morning as I was reading scripture, inspirational devotions and writing in my journal, I ran across a prayer I wanted to share.  It is excerpted from Living Faith, Vol. 32; No. 3, by Phil Fox Rose.


“God, please help me set aside everything I think I know about myself and this passage, and you, so I may have a new experience of these things.”

Short and to the point, it struck me that we could all benefit from the openness, and child-like humility that this suggests as we not only read, but also watch, experience and discuss. It takes humility to be teachable and open-minded. Oftentimes we adults are too arrogant, rigid, and close-minded to learn anything new. We jump to conclusions, judge others, and dismiss views that run counter to our preconceived notions about the world and its people. Scripture tells us to be open and teachable like children, and to be dependent upon God. My prayer is that we all open ourselves to new experiences during this most holy and festive of seasons. Perhaps we can take steps towards greater understanding, appreciation and respect for others. Peace, Joy and Love.


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Recently, some people have elevated Donald Trump to the position of savior, as though he had been personally anointed by God to deliver all who are fearful, feeling insecure, or feeling unheard.  This bothers me.  They argue that God uses “sinners” and “the worst among us” to bring about good things.  They cite the deliverance of Paul–from persecutor Saul to apostle Paul–suggesting that Trump is similarly being delivered.  However, the argument does not follow…Paul repented of his sins and humbled himself to be used by God.  Trump has said he needs no forgiveness for anything, therefore he has neither humbled  himself nor accepted his sinful nature like the rest of humanity.  God uses us when we repent and pledge to do His will, not our own.

How do we discern who is anointed by God?  The Bible gives us a list of Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.  It follows that a “savior” would possess and display these as an outward sign: joy, peace, humility, kindness, love, patience, gentleness, generosity, charity, forgiveness, faithfulness, prayerfulness, long-suffering, self-control, understanding, acceptance, compassion, tolerance, modesty, perseverance, trust, counsel, honesty, hopefulness, piety, fortitude, and wisdom.

We must ask ourselves why we need to elevate a “mere mortal” to the level of savior unless we too have had our faith shaken by fear, prejudice, and hate. We need to recognize the humanity of each individual; recognize our own failings, fears, and prejudices; recognize our own need for forgiveness.

Neither Trump, Clinton, Johnson etc…can “save” us, and it is blasphemous to suggest that they are anointed by God to do so. Unwavering faith can banish our fears. Recognizing that “this too will pass” can re-kindle the hope in our hearts and souls, and humbling ourselves before the Will of God can bring us peace.


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The Last shall be first; the First shall be last.  This biblical phrase seems to run counter to what average Americans strive for in their lives.  It isn’t what we want to hear and yet over and over counter-cultural phrases challenge us – Love your enemies; turn the other cheek…

I was reading my daily scripture recently and the following passage really stood out:

Philippians 2: 3-4.  “Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves, each looking out not for his own interests, but everyone for those of others.

This is the ideal; the Christ-like action.  It made me think of why we need some government regulations even if we would rather be free of them.   Unfortunately, not all nations, corporations, or individuals are as philanthropic as they should be.  Not everyone cares about the Common Good, the welfare of others.  Greed, self-interest and disinterest in others seem to be predominant “values” in our culture.  Therefore, we need to strive to be more Christ-like and to regard others as more important than ourselves.  Imagine the peace, joy and love that would flourish and how wonderful that would be.

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Lately I’ve read enough doomsday and end-times scenarios to last me a lifetime!  I mean, the fear-mongering and hopelessness in these s0-called prophecies are eating away at the serenity of the mind.  Jesus said to “Be Not Afraid.”  He said that again and again in the Bible.   And in speaking about the end of days he said in Matthew 24:36  “No one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself, ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS.  So why persist in scaring people with talk of horrifying things and working them up with fear and hate?  LIVE…now…full of joy, hope, kindness for others, faith, courage, peace, love, mercy, giving, forgiving…  Create memories of great love and charity for all…not fears of others!!  GOD IS LOVE.  Why worry about death…it happens to all of us…to the best and the worst of us…it can’t be avoided.  But we can make a choice how to live the life we have been graciously given, not wasting it with rancor and division.  So, STOP preaching the destruction of the world and START making it a most loving, and hospitable place for all.

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